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Zippo Easy Spark Tinders (40479)


Zippo Easy Spark Tinders (40479)

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Product Description

Small, powerful and easy to pack. This tinder is the fire source that blows out the competition and burns like no other. The unique through-hole design allows flexibility while lighting, giving greater success in though conditions.

  • Burns up to 5 minutes
  • Clear paraffin wax coating
  • Through-hole ignition
  • Made of compressed cotton
  • Resealable package


  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry
  • Plenty of time to get a fire started
  • Water-resistant and increases burn time
  • Provides more flexibility & control while lighting fire
  • Natural fiber provides quick lighting
  • Integrated clamshell container keeps tinders organized and protected

Easy Spark Tinder Specs

Height: .56″
Width: .7″
Depth: .7″
Weight: 0.05 oz.



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