Zippo Flints-24/Ind Carded CLC15 (2406N)

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Zippo 3-2-3 Chimney Pattern


Zippo’s Genuine Flints will keep your lighter working at optimum performance. Each Zippo Genuine Flint card comes with a 6 Flint Dispenser.

1 review for Zippo Flints-24/Ind Carded CLC15 (2406N)

  1. Liam Philson

    The finest flint you can put in your Zippo. I have used other flints and they seem to be really soft and wear down fast. They also seem to make more of a mess in the lighter. I have never had any problems with Zippo brand flints and I would never put any other kind of flints in my Zippo lighter ever again.

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