Zippo Lighter & Paracord Pouch Gift Set (40472)


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Zippo 3-2-3 Chimney Pattern

Zippo Lighter & Paracord Pouch Gift Set (40472)


This pouch is ready for anything. Designed with versatility in mind, this new pouch provides 26 feet of paracord that can be used for countless emergency or survival situations. It features a button to secure a standard-sized Zippo lighter (included) and belt and clip loops to attach to pants or a backpack.


    • Provides up to 450 lbs. break strength *not for climbing or descending
    • Plenty of rope for basic camp functions or survival situations
    • Attach to pants or backpack
    • Secures a standard-size Zippo Windproof Lighter (not included)
    • Won’t scratch face of lighter and provides weighted end for rope tossing
    • *NOTE: some size variance is normal due to soft rope construction

Paracord Pouch Set Specs

Height: 3.0″
Width: 1.0″
Depth: 2.0″
Weight: 5.0 oz.

Note: This product does not use any fuel or burners.  



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