Zippo Outdoor All Terrain- Grill (44024-C)


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Zippo 3-2-3 Chimney Pattern


Satisfy your appetite for adventure without sacrificing your appetite for grilled deliciousness. Zippo introduces the All-Terrain Grill™, your new companion on any journey. It fits in any vehicle and rolls over all terrains – just fold it up and take it wherever your heart desires. Whether you’re hitting the stadium parking lot or seeking out your favorite mountainside, the easy-transport features will ensure the grill gets there with you – without stress or discomfort. Unfold the grill and you’re in for a meal that could rival your favorite BBQ joint. The cast-aluminum firebox and lid hold in heat longer for prolonged cooking while the plate vaporizes drippings and locks in flavor. The Zippo All-Terrain Grill™ is sure to impress adventurers and grillmasters alike.

• Flavor-infusion system
• Heavy duty porcelain-coated grate
• Efficient twin burner technology
• Anti-rattle transport
• Push button ignition
• Easy folding spring assisted X-frame
• Runs on 1lb. or 20 lb. propane canisters
• Rubber-coated all terrain wheels

Cook surface: 223 sq. in.
Height: 14 in. (folded); 27.3 in. (raised grilling mode)
Width: 40.7 in.
Depth: 21.8 in.
Weight: 45 lbs.


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