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Trying to get property of non-object

Document shop:product_list
Document type CMS partial
Line 62
Exception class Cms_ExecutionException

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		<? endforeach ?>
	<div class="listProdHolder clearfix">
		<div class="lighterHolder clearfix" id="lighterHolder">
			<div class="slideHdr clearfix">
				<h3 class="txtBebas"><?= $categoryName ?></h3>  <h4><?= $category->short_description ?></h4>
				<ul class="lighterSlide" id="lighterSlide">
					<li class="lighterList clearfix">
<? foreach ($product_collection as $product): ?>
						<div class="lighterItem">
	<? $is_on_sale = $product->om('is_on_sale') ?>
	<? $page_url = $product->page_url('/product') ?>
# Document Type
2 shop:product_list CMS partial
1 Outputs all store products on a single page. CMS page